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Fic: Six Punishments (White Collar; Ficmas Day 06)

Fic: Six Punishments (White Collar; Ficmas Day 06)

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kaylashay81: (White Collar - OT3 Cuffs)
Title: Six Punishments
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I'm not USA / Jeff Eastin / etc., so I don't claim to own them.
Characters/Pairings: Peter/El/Neal
Genre: Threesome
Warnings: Implied Corporal Punishment
Word Count: 600
Beta: All mistakes are mine
Written For: 12 Days of Ficmas - Day 06 for [livejournal.com profile] elrhiarhodan

Summary: Peter needed a new way to let Neal know that his life means something to the people around him.

Neal kept his face blank as Peter gave him the finger point to the office. He knew that he'd screwed up, but he was hoping that Peter could be forgiving. Neal had managed to secure not only the bad guy, but also the little girl that the man had kidnapped. He could ignore the fact that he'd almost been killed in the process. Peter should be able to ignore it too.

"Shut the door," Peter's voice was stern and Neal knew he was doomed. "The Assistant Director has placed a commendation in your file for going above and beyond in rescuing the girl. The DOJ is also knocking three months off your sentence."

Neal felt momentary elation that the anklet would be gone sooner. However, he knew from the look on Peter's face that he would pay for that extra time.

"Look, Peter. I had an opportunity and I couldn't just wait-" Neal was cut off before he had time to launch into his defense.

"You're supposed to wait, Neal. You aren't armed. And, no, lock picks don’t count. You got a commendation and I get harangued for letting my unarmed CI enter into a knowingly life threatening situation. We talked about this the last time. I said there would be consequences and I meant it."

"You plan to throw back in jail for saving a little girl?" Neal snapped out. He remembered that conversation and he remembered Peter saying it would be off the records.

Peter drew in a sharp breath at that. "Never. You know El and I-" and Neal was thankful that Peter stopped himself short from blurting out their relationship in the middle of his office.

"Tomorrow's New Year's Eve. I've been asked by HR to stand down because we've had too much time on the books. We're out of the office until Monday. For the next six days, your radius has been cut to one block. Now grab your things and I'm taking you home."

Neal thought about complaining, but in reality, six days essentially confined to his loft wasn't a bad thing. There were some paintings he wanted to work on after all. It would be better than looking through mortgage fraud cases. Neal didn't grow concerned until he realized Peter was heading for Brooklyn instead of June's.

"I think you're going out of my radius, Peter."

"Forgot to mention that that radius was set to my place. You're under my direct supervision for the next six days."

The rest of the ride was silent and, short of some small talk with El during dinner, there wasn't much conversation at all. Then Neal asked about getting some extra clothes if he was going be staying for a while.

"You won't need clothes," Peter said as they entered the bedroom. "We're not expecting company for the next six days. Words aren't getting through to you, Neal, so we're going to try something new."

Neal's heart started racing as he saw Peter pull a paddle from the closet and sit it on the dresser.

"There were two hours where I didn't know if you were alive or dead. That's one hundred and twenty minutes, Neal. Starting tomorrow morning, you'll receive twenty swats each day for the next six days. Each swat is to remind you that I'll miss you, El will miss you, Mozzie and June will miss you… hell, half the office will miss you if you die while disobeying orders out there."

"We want you alive, Neal," Peter added as he hugged Neal and then guided him toward the bed and El's waiting arms.
  • elrhiarhodan: (Default)
    Awww - this is absolutely the most perfect gift fic ever!

    I love the intensity - Neal's understanding that he messed up and accepting the consequences, although he doesn't quite comprehend what those consequences really are.

    And Peter - bringing home the point that he is loved and would be terribly missed.

    Thank you so very much.

    Goes in my memories!
    • Yay! Glad you liked even if I didn't get to the actual punishments. In this case, I thought the build up to it was much more poignant. :) (darn that 600 word count limit based on my ficmas layout)

      Neal really doesn't have a clue and Peter is struggling on how to get it through to him.

      The most challenging part of this was to figure out how many swats per day Neal was going to get. I wanted it based on the number of minutes that Peter went without knowing how Neal was. But I also didn't want some ridiculously high number. Two hours, 120 minutes, 120 swats with 20 over six days worked out nicely in the end. :)
  • aw... nice use of the paddle to make his point.
  • Loved it! What a perfect way for Peter to "impart" on Neal how much he's cared about and would be missed if anything happened to him.Truly wish it could have been longer. Great job!
  • ext_1374973: (Default)
    This seems so in character for both men to me--Neal acting heroically without regard for his own safety, and Peter going through hell as he thinks about what could be happening to Neal . . . and then finally getting creative about how to stop Neal from ever taking a risk like that against orders again. Well done!
    • Thanks! Neal would definitely jump right in and not think about himself. He's a act first, think later kind of guy in regards to many things. :)
  • I love this! The thought of Neal spending the week naked and getting spanked is fun, even though it's probably not fun for Neal.

    Great job! I love how you've written both Peter and Neal here.
    • Neal will get a little fun out of it... I see the spankings being in the morning and El and Peter taking care of him at night to show him that he's loved.

  • Oh goodness! Poor Neal, I hope he now realizes how much he means to Peter and El ... *cuddles him*
  • Love this a lot! Thanks much.
  • sinfulslasher: (neal innocent)
    Ohh!!! *shivers happily*

    Love how Neal is (as usual) heroic without thinking of his own safety, and how Peter finally had enough. Especially earlier seasons!Neal needed his ass spanked on a regular basis, so it's nice to see it at least happening in fanfic. LOL!

    Not sure if having Neal running around naked for 6 days isn't a bit of punishment for the Burkes though. They can't jump him all the time, after all. *g*

    Now, about that sequel featuring the actual punishment...? *makes grabby hands*
    • Yay for happy shivers!!

      Neal definitely needed a little tough love to keep him from going crazy...

      I picture nighttime in the bedroom being free range for anything that built up during the day of naked, freshly spanked Neal-ness. ;)
  • embroiderama: (White Collar - Neal b&w)
    Oooooh, very nice! I really like that this is about showing Neal how much he would be missed by the people around him.
  • kanarek13: (Default)
    Awwwww, love this. I love the way Peter handled the situation, he made sure that Neal knew how much he was loved and that he would be missed ♥

    Awww, boys *hugs them*

    Thank you :D
    • Thanks! It's definitely more about making Neal realize he'd be missed than him disobeying orders. Peter knows it'd take a lifetime if not more to break Neal of that bad habit. :)