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Ping, Ping, Ping...

Ping, Ping, Ping...

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kaylashay81: (BtVS Blood Hell)
The pinging it annoying sounding, but I'll take it over the freezing rain. The pinging sleet is my friend.

We got a thin layer of freezing rain last night, but then it switched over to sleet which is has been doing all night and morning. But the sleet doesn't build up on the trees and power lines and create the apocalypse like 2009.

It is just now switching to snow mixing with the sleet. But I think there is another 6 hours to go before it moves out.

I'll post pictures when I feel like venturing further than the porch.
  • Stay warm and dry!!
  • sinfulslasher: (neal question)
    So, how are you doing? Been thinking of you! *hugs*
    • Doing good... cabin fever I think. Haven't been away from the house since I left work on Thursday. Fun times. Not really looking forward to getting out tomorrow as we still have stuff on the ground. But I guess I'll brave it.

      I'll have to get my snow pics up soon. :)