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Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

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kaylashay81: (BtVS Blood Hell)
So I went for a night walk down the street (2 mile round trip) with my roomie tonight, Dec. 4th, in SHORT SLEEVES!!! We broke a record high today I think. However, it will come with a price. This time tomorrow there will be ice and snow and OH MY! As long as it doesn't reach 2009 Ice Storm levels, I'll survive. I never, ever want to repeat that. That was worse than a tornado system.

It's looking like Friday off work looks like a given. So hopefully I'll have power/internet so I can write some things that are coming up soon.

And my favorite tweet of the day came from Jim Cantore with the Weather Channel who has been all but banned from my town.

Tweet Jim Cantore

I have a feeling his wink was in response to this that a local radio station created after the 2009 Ice Storm:

  • sinfulslasher: (Xmas Snoopy)

    Also? LOLing at the vid! I remember you telling me about it when we were in Noo York. Hee! Poor guy. He's only doing his job! *g*
    • My brother's area just got upgraded to an ice storm warning. He's a bit south and west of me. We're in the 0.5" to 1.0" range for ice accumulation and then snow/sleet accumulation of 4-6". So no driving tomorrow for me.

      At least in the house we have gas logs so if the power goes out we have heat. We didn't have heat after 8pm during the 2009 ice storm while we were in the apartment. And they keep saying this one won't be that bad. In 2009 we had 2+" of ice accumulation. *shudders at flashback*

      And poor Jim Cantore... no one in the US wants him to visit. Don't know why. It's like the actor John Dye that played the Angel of Death in Touched by an Angel. He said in an interview that people were always scared when he boarded a plane with them.

      And I shall be utilizing COFFEEEEEEE! during this cold. :)
  • Hugs! Stay safe and warm!