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...of Randomness and Nominations

...of Randomness and Nominations

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kaylashay81: (NCIS - Tony Happy Dance)
First, thanks to those who nominated a few of my fics for the LJ [livejournal.com profile] ncis_awards that just went into voting the other day.

Nominated For:

Internet Bond (FR13; Slash)
Summary: If you like someone, tell him, because you might find out that he likes you too.
Nominated For: Tony/McGee - Best Romance

Coping Mechanism (FR21; Slash)
Summary: When one method stops working, it's time for another to take its place.
Nominated For: Tony/Gibbs - Best Post-Ep/Missing Scene/Tag

How Do You Solve a Problem Like DiNozzo? (FR15; Gen)
Summary: From the day he met him in Baltimore, Gibbs has been taking care of Tony one way or another. A Five Things fic.
Nominated For: Gen - Best Post-Ep/Missing Scene/Tag

One He Gained and One He Didn't Want (FR13; Gen)
Summary: Gibbs' medal collection is significantly smaller than Tony's but special all the same.
Nominated For: Gen - Best Post-Ep/Missing Scene/Tag

Next, I figured out a way to randomize my banners! That means I can add more banners and they just randomly appear each time you load the page. I've got a few more to go with my NCIS banner already and I'm thinking of making a few more NCIS ones. Gotta love code that lets you do fun things. :-)

Go check them out on my LJ at [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay81!

My next challenge will be manipulating the layout here on Dreamwidth to get it the way I want it using my new banners. I like being able to have 'x' number of banners that switch out. :-)