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Of Stings and Rain...

Of Stings and Rain...

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kaylashay81: (Highlander - D'Oh)
First off... Happy 4th of July to all the US of A people running around out there. Hopefully your 4th isn't as wet as mine is.

The family decided to have the lake picnic / fireworks tomorrow evening, so luckily we're not getting rained out. However, I was out fishing with my mom, grandma, aunt and niece when the sky opened up and down came the rain.

I got drenched. Majorly drenched.

Before the fishing adventure though, I had another moment. I guess the upside is it wasn't in the bathroom this time.

I was driving from my parents house to my grandma's house (only a few minutes drive) when I felt something sting my throat. I reached up to swat / brush it away and I managed to brush it right down my shirt. Now I'm going 55 mph, stung once and the live bee thing down my shirt and stuck in my bra. *head desk*

I managed to get the thing out of my bra, only to have it sting my stomach area just below. Finally I came to a spot where I could pull over. So I jumped out of the car and did the "get the bee out of my shirt" dance. Don't know what happened to it, but it was gone and I've got two sting spots.

Anyway, happy 4th, enjoy the fireworks and I hope to finish the next in the letter series tonight. :-)

Oh, my 2 1/2 year old niece wants to say something:

looii yyyyuyuuuu nadia rose (<- I helped with her name) ;-)
  • Oh YIPES. Glad you got a chance to pull over safely!

    Hi, Nadia Rose!!!
    • kaylashay81: (NCIS - Abby Rock On)
      Hee! I'll have to show her the smile-ly tomorrow. She went night-night now.

      And yay for pulling over...
  • Owie! I hope your picnic tomorrow is rain- and bee-free!
    • kaylashay81: (NCIS - Abby Rock On)
      *crosses fingers*

      As long as the bees stay out of my shirt, all will be okay. :-)
  • Yeeowch!! I got stung two days ago - so I sympathise entirely! Have a rain free and bug free picnic and enjoy yourself...;)
    • kaylashay81: (NCIS - Tony)
      Stings suck. The worse I had was on my foot a few years ago. It kept getting worse and my uncle (who's a doctor) saw it and went: "You should have gotten a shot for that!"

      He gave me a prescription of prednosone and it took two rounds of that to clear the sting up.
  • Oh noes! This is awful! The idea of a bee down one's bra while DRIVING *faints*! I hope you're okay and the stings aren't too bad now!
    • kaylashay81: (NCIS - Tony)
      Driving and bees don't mix. That's the 2nd (and 3rd) time in my life I've been stung while in a moving vehicle. The first was years back when my parents were taking me to my tee-ball game. It flew in the open window, landed on my arm and stung. That bee met its demise at the end of my tee-ball bat weilded my dad. It got squished. :-)

      Today, they aren't too bad. Red dots. Hopefully they'll behave. And no more bees today.
  • Ow! on those stings. Hope the rest of the weekend gets better.
    Hey there, NR! :)
    • kaylashay81: (NCIS - Abby Rock On)
      Well, we're trying the fishing this again this morning (getting ready to leave) and then the fishfry later this afternoon.

      Hopefully it will go good. Kevin was selling Dippin' Dots at the riverfront in Paducah yesterday. By around 5pm or so they had only sold $3 worth of ice cream to a little old lady with an umbrella. Then, once the rain vanished, they were selling so much, he almost couldn't keep up.

      Did you see the links to Youtube I have up? I have some of Nadia as well as my brother singing...

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